Relaxing in Sagres

Put simply: if you need somewhere to relax, Sagres is the place to be. Our ancestors called it Finisterra, the end of the known earth, for this is where the land ends and meets the sea to give you one of the most famous and breathtaking sunsets in Europe.

On this traditional fishing village with deep roots, you will be able to roam the beaches from where the ships of the discoveries took sail, surf the dazzling blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean and immerse your toes in the warm golden sand.

If you are a true lover of nature, you will find plenty of treats for your senses. Prepare to be surprised by the delicious local dishes made with the freshest fish, served by the most welcoming people. Look out for the dolphins you may encounter on the numerous available boat trips, and the beautiful birds in the Natural Reservation Park. Explore the bike and trekking trails that wind through the green landscape and lead you to unexpected wonderful spots. Feel the warmth on the sunny cliffs, and let yourself be inspired by the various viewpoints, each offering their unique perspective upon the horizon on the sea, like the one next to the famed lighthouse or the historical fortress in St. Vincent cape.

All in all, Sagres is the perfect place to totally relax between moments of rewarding adrenaline when surfing.

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