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Yoga & Surf Connection

Yoga & Surf Connection


Surfing and Yoga, apparently different, with so many aspects in common:  both of these disciplines manage to collaborate in different ways to achieve the same psycho-physical goal when it comes to inner balance, spiritual peace, energy management and the connection with the nature.

Yoga is a practice aimed at relaxing the muscles and stretching the tissues: during a yoga session, your focus is to become calm, on finding inner peace, on performing movements with a profound meaning, but at the same time incredibly still.

While, surfing is a very dynamic practice, where every muscle of the body is in tension to guarantee the maintenance of the perfect balance on the board that flows on the power of the sea waves: it is a sport of dynamism, which at the same time requires a great deal of concentration.

So, what do these two disciplines have in common? And

why are they often performed together?

The goal of yoga appears quite clear, as all those who enroll in a practice/class aim to be able to manage their emotions, to re-order their ideas, to learn to educate the body and mind to a state of tranquillity. This will allow them to face life’s problems with a different prospective, with a different strength.

Surfing and yoga create a bond with nature. In this busy society, we forget that we are part of the world, of nature around us who generated us.



Surfing makes you discover this natural connection in the power of waves that break on the shore, in the sun on your skin while waiting for the perfect wave… Yoga, on the other hand, allows you to work on yourself and your personal perception of nature. You will find the forgotten strength inside of you.

It’s a fact that surfing associated with yoga, can be a real therapy, it is able to fight state of anxiety and remove worries. The reason these two activities fits so good together surely lies in the complementary physical benefits of surfing and yoga: balance, flexibility, control, and endurance are the foundation of both, and this combination also represents the choice of a lifestyle.



Now that you know about this connection between these two activities, join us at Sagres Sun Stay and try it on yourself!

Start the morning with a wonderful Yoga session with our certified Yoga Teacher before an amazing Surf Class with our Surf School!
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