7 nights, 7 breakfast, 5 days of yoga classes, 3 dinners


On the Yoga Full Retreat, we provide daily yoga classes, charging your body and center your mind at our roof top yoga practice. In the morning lesson, we wake up your body and mind with a sweet yoga practice. We practice Vinyasa flow elements to wake up and activate body and mind, and we finish the class with deep stretches. Balance, strength, mobility, flexibility, and very deep breathing. Feeling centered and grounded to start the day. In the evening classes we fully restore, recover and recharge. Very slow, very lazy but deep practice. Longer holds, deep breathing. Flexibility, mobility, and rest.

This Yoga package includes:

  • 7 nights in a dorm (6,8 and 12 bed) or private room
  • 5 amazing yoga lessons in our rooftop (Vinyasa in the morning and Yin/Hatha in the evening season)
  • Breakfast everyday
  • 3 dinners (drinks are not included)
  • Access to all the hostel facilities (co-working space, bike station, pool…)

* Vegetarian and vegan options available.

This package is not available at the moment



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