Why surfing makes you happy?


It’s not a secret that surfing makes you happy, probably you might have noticed that surfers are smiley and happy people and maybe you are already one of them.

Of course, riding the wave is a wonderful experience and each wave is unique, a surfer knows how much surfing can make you feel alive…

On top of the wave, on top of the world!

But did you know that, apart from the obvious thrill of chasing waves, there is also a scientific reason why we surf and that’s because surfing actually makes you happy?

The air above the water actually charges you with positive vibes, surfing and happiness are scientifically connected!

That’s because of the ions, the vitamins of the sea, which released by the wave, can interact with sunlight, radiation in the air and the movement of water, giving off electrical charges that constitute a real burst of good energy.

Also, the blue colour of the ocean calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity.

Spending time outdoors, in a natural environment, with sun and sea air is a great way to relax and relieve the tensions of everyday life.

Surfing also means learning to be patient, because unfortunately not everyday conditions are perfect, so the surfer learns to accept it, learn to wait for the good conditions and for the lovable wave in the water.

Just as you learn to wait for the waves and accept the fact that there may not always be some, it puts the surfer in a position to be more flexible in life and to accept changes with positivity, which is one of the keys to happiness!

Now that you know how happy surfing can make you feel, join us to experience this amazing sport!

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