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Sagres – Natural Ambivalence & Sports

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Sagres – Natural Ambivalence & Sports

Many say there is something magical about Sagres… In this traditional fishing village deeply rooted in History, time stands still. Our ancestors called it Finisterra, the end of the known world, for this is where the land ends to meet the sea and give you one of the most breathtaking untouched sceneries in Europe.

Imponent cliffs tower over glistening pure oceanic waters, creating a diverse and unique ecosystem well worth unravelling.

Here lie the beaches from where the “age of discoveries” ships took sail, but apart from the historical significance there is something very alluring that calls us to feel this place, to experience its bewildering wilderness in its every aspect.

Either beholding the dazzling blue waves of the Atlantic and immersing your toes in the warm golden sand, defying the power of the wind on the high clifftops, or exploring the winding green paths that house fascinating native biodiversity.

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With so many distinguishing features, it is no wonder that you can practice such a wide variety of sports in Sagres!

Water sports, of course, are the popular attraction for those who seek the thrill of chasing waves. Surf & skimming can be practiced here either by beginners or advanced surfers, depending on the beach and specific conditions for each day.

Indeed, Sagres is getting more and more recognition as the Surf capital of southern Portugal.


The main beaches where you can Surf in the area of Sagres are Tonel, Mareta, Ponta Ruiva, Telheiro, and Beliche (in Sagres); Barriga and Castelejo (in Vila-do-Bispo); and Zavial (in Raposeira).

In all these beaches, the waves are rideable year-round.

During fall / winter, the north-western swells are ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers, particularly in Tonel and Beliche. Caution must be used, however – on feistier wind days one must always check for safety before entering.

In summer, the swells tend to be milder, making it perfect for beginners. Although in more harboured beaches the sea may get flat, the more exposed ones (Tonel, Bordeira, Ponta Ruiva) usually will not disappoint the more experienced surfers.

Some of these beaches are suitable for Windsurfing as well, and a skilled instructor will surely help you get the hang of this challenging activity. If you’re a first timer, we do not recommend trying it on your own due to the risk of being swept away by the strong Atlantic currents.

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If you’re more of a fan of taking a peek at the deep, snorkeling or diving are also options in most of the above-mentioned beaches, where the waters hide reefs, a few ship wrecks, mysterious subaquatic grottos and a wealth of incredible marine biodiversity.

Kayaking is frequently sought after too, and these trips never fail to amaze. You can visit caves and coastal islets, and even spot a dolphin in the distance if you’re lucky.

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But, however wonderful the sea may be, turning your back to it may reveal another world, or rather its natural extension: the cliffs give way to more stable ground, where a rich earth grows beautiful native vegetation, putting on a show of colours particularly around the fall and late winter / spring.

Here you can choose from many hiking trails to follow along the Rota Vicentina. There are local guides who provide tours through these trails, but you can always set to explore on your own. Just be sure to take a map, adequate footwear, sun protection, water and some snacks with you, since the trails have long stretches without places to buy them.

If you prefer to go at a faster pace on two wheels, there are select trails where you can go cycling (again, always take protective gear and water with you). This is a perfect option for sight-seeing over bigger distances! And don’t worry, at Sagres Sun Stay you can rent a bike if you couldn’t bring yours!

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During the warmer months, many different migratory bird species make a home for themselves in the cliffs, dunes, bushes, marshes and woods that abound in this protected natural reserve. The first wave of these beautifully coloured visitors starts arriving around late winter, and some will stay until late fall.

Thus, birdwatching can be a very special and relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon, either with friends, family, or by yourself. You can search for the best birdwatching spots in the maps or contact the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) for more detailed info.

And finally, last but not least, either lost in the green meadows among blooming flowers, perched on the cliffs tinted orange by the sunset, or lying on the sand facing the fresh ocean breeze, Sagres will not fail to offer you the quietude you need and the perfect place for meditating and practicing Yoga.

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Let yourself be inspired by the various viewpoints, each offering their unique perspective upon the horizon on the sea, like the one next to the historical fortress or the famed lighthouse in St. Vincent’s cape.

Come see for yourself why this fascinating place is growing so popular amongst nature lovers and surfers alike.

Embark on a journey that will awaken your senses to a quiet, simple but meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle experience, offering a remarkable connection with nature and an ever-present opportunity to find adrenaline.

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